An Incorporated Value Network

DMH&CO Parent

Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd. (DMH&CO) is the private family office of Daniel Mark Harrison, based at Suntec City in Singapore. It is managed and wholly-owned by Mr. Harrison to curate and grow the value of his personal holdings in the company.

In May 2016, Mr. Harrison converted DMH&CO from a real estate development company into a family office when he incorporated House of Harrison PLC, a United Kingdom-based public company, to manage his rapidly-growing real estate development interests acquired and developed over the previous two years.

Mr. Harrison is currently the Chairman and CEO of House of Harrison, which is Britain’s biggest residential real estate development company, boasting over $200 million in assets in provincial residential property and servicing more than 1,500 clients across the Asian continent. DMH&CO is the majority shareholder in House of Harrison and is invested in many of its subsidiary and affiliate companies.


Our Purpose

DMH&CO is an independently-managed network of companies across Asia which identify innovative investment opportunities and/or dynamic new capital channels through/with which above-average returns can be targeted in shorter-than-usual holding periods. The group has three offices, in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, with a London office planned for DMH&CO (Europe) PLC at the end of 2016 and further offices planned in mainland China and other countries in South East Asia next year.

Via operating under a series of Joint Venture partnerships, in which capacity the JV Partner is brought into the upper management team of the group, the group is able to remain independent while utilizing the interdependent network of the DMH&CO brand.

As a component of a Private Family Office domiciled in Singapore, the group enjoys a rare privileged status as partner to much of Asia’s wealthiest Family Offices. In reality, the market for Family Offices and Wealthy Individual Investors across the Asian region is still today highly fragmented and very relationship-driven, with brand penetration into these markets having proven to be weak and cumbersome. By empowering leading entrepreneurs throughout the region with its brand-sharing strategy, DMH&CO has been able to capture a large chunk of this capital and share in the benefits of utilizing it on an ad-hoc deal-by-deal basis without competing directly against its partners. The brand-sharing strategy DMH&CO employs is multifarious by design, and every Joint Venture investment bearing the DMH&CO brand name is individually and independently negotiated and structured according to the aims and objectives of the Partnership being entered into.

Because of DMH&CO’s sector-neutral and structure-neutral focus, the group is able to be much more elective about the quality and reputation, as well as the ability, of its partners to produce value that can be utilized by all the constituent DMH&CO entities. This has lead to a rapid expansion of the organization, with over 15 Joint Venture agreements reached and entered into in 2016 alone, all of which were profitable within their first year of operation.



Personal History & Profile of Daniel Mark Harrison

Mr. Harrison is the oldest of the 9th-generation of founders of Harrison & Sons. Mr. Harrison was born in Dubai, and lived as child in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States, where he attended over 7 schools before heading off to briefly study Theology at Oxford University.

Mr. Harrison has lived and worked in Asia for the past half-decade, founding and selling companies, financing large-scale projects and structuring acquisitions for private and government-owned entities. In 2014, Mr. Harrison developed the concept of FactoryBanking, the first value configuration for the Internet of Things economy, about which he has lectured widely. He writes a regular column on the major issues facing the business and political leaders of today for business weekly Forbes, and he is a frequent guest speaker on major television channels including CNN, CNBC, Fox News, BBC, Sky News, ITV and others.

Mr. Harrison is widely-considered to be one of the Millennial generation’s leading entrepreneurial intellectuals. In addition to his role as a businessman and investor, he also a high-profile media personality and author who has achieved a series of notable acclimations. His business activities have been noted in periodicals such as the The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal as well as on leading financial newswires such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

Daniel Mark Harrison: Literary Achievements

Daniel Mark Harrison is a widely published author who has written for notable publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Slate, The Daily Dot and Portfolio Magazine. He currently writes a weekly column for Forbes Asia.

Mr. Harrison is the author of two books: The Millennial Reincarnations (Publick Media Publishing; 2015), a novel about the philosophical crisis of the millennial generation, and the forthcoming non-fiction work Bipolar Economics: Being An Account of 21st Century Progress (MarxRand Media; 2016).

The Millennial Reincarnations has been extremely well-received. Critics have hailed the book “easily the best this year” (Huffington Post), “complex, rich, and engrossing all in one … a unique five star read” (Mid West Book Review), “ambitious” (Il Figlio), and “required reading” (Jeffrey Robinson, #1 NYT Bestseller), lauding “Harrison’s brash confidence in the privileged, fast-moving world he describes” (Kirkus) where “the female characters … are Katniss-style strong” (Bustle). Since the publication of the first edition of The Millennial Reincarnations was published in late 2015, this book has become considered to be nothing less than an early cult classic for the Millennial era.