Venture Capital

Today’s market is a rapidly-changing and dynamic one wherein many of the technologies and services we consider to be industry standards are likely to become obsolete in the next decade. While wealth destruction is a byproduct of this process of disruption and realignment, so is wealth creation a major part of it too. Wealth creation in the area of future speculative infrastructure however is a tricky business, and not one for the faint hearted. In order to capture the most dynamic and penetrative of these new developments, DMH&CO established a venture capital operation like no other in the marketplace today.

Set up as a Public Limited Company, and managed by a team of expert financial technology and Blockchain pioneers from a private limited company based in Singapore, Monkey Capital affords both DMH&CO and the its partners more flexibility, higher returns, and most significantly, more security than other venture capital operations. Much of this was done by utilizing the asset-heavy balance sheet of DMH&CO’s other subsidiary entities to assuage the high Beta and low liquidity traditionally incurred in such markets, thereby creating a more robust, more innovative and more profitable investment vehicle for exploring and capitalizing on next generation technologies.