Social Consciousness Initiative Pledge (SCIP)

Helping Causes While Empowering Leaders

DMH&CO doesn’t just believe in corporate social responsibility – we believe in the dynamic leaders behind those initiatives who are willing to carry out and raise awareness for the causes they become involved in in ways that express a particularly unique or charismatic executive potential.

In particular, we are strongly committed to socially-conscious endeavors that benefit the less well-off in the world and we also firmly believe that education is at the heart of social progress. In our view, a commitment from the most privileged of us to furthering the intellectual resources and knowledge-led initiatives of the least educated in our society is the cornerstone of social mobility for everyone.


About Our Social Consciousness Initiative Pledge

We make donations to and give scholarship funding for a whole range of visionary initiatives and activities that reflect our idea of what the world needs today: independent, courageous leaders engaged in the pursuit of fortune and excellence for the many. DMH&CO supports these activities via a unique program tailored specifically to the project in need of funding or resources. This way we can direct as much assistance as required to a particularly noteworthy cause, rather than a standard cash sum which might not count for as much in terms of providing real assistance. We call this unique, tailor-made approach to giving our Social Consciousness Initiative Pledge.


Examples of SCIPs

Foremost among the many projects DMH&CO has supported via the Social Consciousness Initiative Pledge is the reconstruction of a village in Sri Lanka destroyed by the 2008 tsunami. The Aurora Village was the brainchild of natural healer Jan Linch, who following the 2008 tsunami in Sri Lanka, raised over $500,000 for the complete reconstruction of over 200 individual homes, multiple shops and a school for the poor people of Kosgoda Village. The initiative, behind which the Harrison family was the largest sponsor, received national news headlines and won Linch a number of honorary endowments.

Social Consciousness Initiatives Pledges need not be so grand-scale by design, however – all it takes is a strong personality doing something that shows leadership where it is most scarce to catch our attention. The most recent example of this was a Social Consciousness Initiative Pledge DMH&CO undertook in late 2015, when we qualified as the largest individual sponsor of India Williams, a 5-year-old who wanted to play her part in helping her less fortunate peers around the world. The British beauty queen from Liverpool knocked doors, held fundraisers, rang up Multi National Corporations and even toured Europe on her quest to raise up to $20,000 for the Rainbow Child Foundation, which helps underprivileged kids. At first India made the local news bulletins, and then she went on to make national news headlines in Britain, landing exclusive feature appearances on BBC, ITV and Sky News.