What Is DMH&CO?

DMH&CO is a privately-owned investment holding company with different regional and industry subsidiaries specializing in the management of specific fields of operations. Combined, the various component companies under the DMH&CO umbrella present a powerful competitive advantage when it comes to creating and maintaining long-term value and high-quality corporate governance.

Who Are We?

We at DMH&CO are a multinational team from all over Asia and the West, with a strong individual drive at the same time as a sense for how to constantly commit to a win-win strategic team-oriented end-goal. 

Basic Ownership Structures

Public Companies – By far the majority of the time, we will look to exit an investment via installing a top-quality, independent management team to oversee operations, and via funding them sufficiently to give the firm time to adjust to market trading before raising more cash from external investors.

Private Holdings – In the form of convertible notes or equity, we do at times take proprietary positions in start-ups, early-stage or venture capital-backed companies. However, due to our investment mandate to find a faster, more valuable exit for our holdings than what is available on market currently, we usually prefer to portion such holdings off on the balance sheet of a listed vehicle like a public company.

Marketing – Regardless of whether a company is private or public, a sophisticated marketing and PR team is vital to ensuring success in earnings growth and higher valuation multiples. We have this pre-installed in our internal structure, in addition to IR, legal, technical, corporate finance and management consulting specialists who are able to assist with the evolution of the company or its operations as either one (or both) makes its transition from being a pure operator into becoming a fully-fledged value-generating capital asset.