Joint Ventures

Almost every major commercial success story in recent years in the Asia Pacific region has sprung from some sort of Joint Venture Partnership. So it is with DMH&CO, which is a JV between the Singapore Family Office Daniel Mark Harrison & Co and Hong Kong based consulting firm Neurone. JV’s are a wonderful – and in certain cases, the only – way to enter tricky emerging markets where the barriers to entry are low but the barriers to successful entry are quite the opposite. Since establishing DMH&CO (Hong Kong) as the first flagship JV, the company has entered into 3 subsequent Joint Venture Partnerships and is actively targeting more.

By partnering with the very best people in the Asian region, DMH&CO is able to achieve a two-fold objective: to establish a commercial operating presence in the territory, and to achieve a closeness with local investors and market actors who make perfect partners for international investment deals. Thus, our Joint Venture Partnership strategy is in a sense the cornerstone pillar of the four alternate functions that we operate: Investment Management, Real Estate Development, Distribution and Venture Capital.