What is DMH&CO?

DMH&CO is a private investment company established in October 2015 that was re-established as a special purpose vehicle in 2016 upon initiation of a Joint Venture Agreement with Neurone Limited in Hong Kong, in order to resolve losses suffered by victims of a property deal that had gone bankrupt.

What role did DMH&CO play in the failed property scheme for which it was re-established to in part resolve?

DMH&CO has never played an active, passive or otherwise operating role in any development company or project. Before the development company DMH&CO was re-established to resolve a portion of the losses of went bankrupt, DMH&CO made a private offer for the company’s shares which was rejected by the Malaysian Director and sole shareholder at the time. After its offer was rejected due to being deemed too low, DMH&CO withdrew from the bidding process. As a result of significant undercapitalisation, the development company was unable to meet its financial obligations and in April 2016 it declared bankruptcy. DMH&CO did not come back into the picture until August that same year, when Neurone, owned and managed by one of the scheme’s victims, and DMH&CO’s Singapore parent entity entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to form DMH&CO (Hong Kong) Limited, set up with the objective of clawing back the lost earnings of a small group of investors (less than 15) who had been harmed as a result of the failed property development.  At that point, DMH&CO re-registered as an investment holding company. DMH&CO was never actively involved in the development or sale of any properties undertaken by any developer.

Can I find any more information on the founding of DMH&CO?

You can watch speeches by co-founders Daniel M. Harrison and Kathlin Liao, wherein both discuss their personal and professional reasons for forming the investment holding company here. The speeches start 4 minutes into the livestream.

What is DMH&CO’s Core Purpose?

The role of DMH&CO was initially to invest in property transactions and produce a profit by doing so. When the company partnered with Neurone in 2016 however, its role changed from one of being an active private investment manager to one whereby it became an investment vehicle with the aim of producing investment gains over a short period of time that would be sufficient to make investors in it a profit on their investment and on losses suffered in another unrelated 3rd party transaction. To this effect, in mid-2016 DMH&CO changed its official status from that of a real estate development company to an investment holding entity.

Is DMH&CO a company or a fund?

DMH&CO is incorporated and managed as a Singapore-based company, with a 51% stake in a subsidiary Joint Venture company it owns in Hong Kong with Neurone Limited, called DMH&CO (Hong Kong). DMH&CO is neither a collective investment scheme nor is it an actively managed 3rd party investment manager: it is an investment vehicle which acts as a proprietary borrower and investor.

Has DMH&CO published audited financial statements?

DMH&CO is currently in the process of preparing to file its annual report with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The accountants the company has engaged to undertake the preparation of the 2016 annual financial statements and the 2016 annual report are Vodich Management Services. Vodich also acts as the Corporate Secretary for the company. Once the company’s annual financial statements become publicly available an appropriate entry will be updated on this website.

What is the exit strategy for DMH&CO?

Ultimately, DMH&CO will be sold to another entity along with its asset base. The sale will take place in mid-2017. There is more detailed information on this transaction available here.

Does DMH&CO accept or take deposits and/or down payments for property transactions?

No. DMH&CO does not “sell” any product, so it cannot receive down-payments or deposits in the first place. The managers of DMH&CO are aware that it has been maintained this is the case, however. This is the result of untrue allegations put forward by the former Directors of the property development company, the losses of which DMH&CO was re-established in order to resolve.

Someone from DMH&CO tried to reach me to sell a property/investment product recently. What should I do?

It is possible that the party concerned represents another similarly-named real estate or investment company that we are not aware of. However, DMH&CO does not market or sell anything as it does not have any customers to sell to or products to sell, so this solicitation was not from us. If you suspect or are concerned that someone may be imitating DMH&CO for nefarious purposes, you are welcome to contact us on the details below.

How can I invest in/with DMH&CO?

DMH&CO is closed to outside investors and the company does not have any customers or provide any third party investment services.

How do I reach anyone at DMH&CO for comment or contact?

If you have any questions as to the issues raised on this page or elsewhere we welcome your enquiry. You can reach anyone at DMH&CO’s Singapore office on +65-6559-5363 or by e-mail at sg@dmh.co or alternately at DMH&CO’s Hong Kong office on +852-3709-8888 or by e-mail at hk@dmh.co.

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