Distribution – whether it be in the form of residential or commercial property development presales, subscriptions to high-quality debt issuances by credible and world-famous firms, or simply generating a marketing message for a particular product or service – is a key in-house function of the DMH&CO brand. We take care to make sure that everything we are involved in, from a proprietary investment standpoint, or simply from a Joint Venture Partnership (operating) standpoint, is constantly in front of the most captive market audience while we are involved with it.

In many ways, this competency is our core competitive edge in the market. When we talk about distribution, we don’t mean platforms – we mean people. It is people that drive partnerships, after all. Too often today, brokers, investment firms, public relations and marketing executives are too focused on the medium by which they wish to communicate a broader message to the market. This results in a homogenous dialog which gets bypassed in the daily financial news cycle. What is much harder to do – but much more effective – is to build networks of close-knit relationships throughout the global marketplace and communicate the message directly and personally. That’s the approach we take.