“Amongst many positions I hold, I chair a hotel group that is now listed on AIM. It was originally established as AJ Leisure Holdings Plc, on the Ofex market, and at that time its Ofex brokerage was handled by St Helen’s. Daniel was a member of the team there, contributing well to the service provided, including fundraising in connection with acquisitions that were made at that time.” – Simon Bentley (Chairman, Mishcon de Reya)

Group Overview

Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd. is a Family Office located in Singapore. In 2016, the company entered into a Joint-Venture Partnership with Neurone Limited, a Hong Kong consulting firm, to form DMH&CO (Hong Kong) Limited, in which Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. owns 51% and Neurone owns 49%, marking the beginning of the establishment of the DMH&CO brand. The primary-stage objective of the DMH&CO brand is to leverage the financial acumen and resources of the Singapore-based Family Office while empowering local partners throughout Asia to take ownership positions in the brand and thus bring their strengths and relationships to the group in order to achieve two objectives: to identify special situations and high value investments and to establish capital partnerships locally via a range of channels. By identifying these two aspects of the largely fragmented Asia-Pacific market, the group is able to harness the resources of the parent company Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. to structure and syndicate (arrange) innovative and dynamic financing solutions which achieve two objectives: to increase return on investment and to shorten the timeline to achieving these returns. To see the company’s HR profile as updated by LinkedIn go here.

The second-stage objective of the DMH&CO brand is to serve as a trusted and reliable focus point for investors and asset owners to bring capital and deals whether they are simply trying to achieve superior returns or whether they have specific business or financing problems that they have been unable to resolve by working with standard commercial banking organizations or brokers. In order to achieve this trust and gain the brand-recognition status that affords such trust, DMH&CO has an immediate plan to arrange two IPOs of specially-structured operating companies: the first of these is DMH&CO (Europe) PLC, to be listed on the London Stock Exchange and the second is DMH (ASEAN) PLC, to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Thereafter, listings on the Thai market and/or the Hong Kong market and even the North America markets are a possibility but are currently unscheduled. DMH&CO intends to pursue its ASEAN listing via reverse takeover / backdoor listing mechanism. For DMH&CO (Europe), the parent has identified a number of listed UK companies with which it is exploring the possibility of combining management teams, assets and capital and re-listing the enlarged entity under the DMH&CO brand in 2017.

DMH&CO: Multiple Solutions Within A Single Unifying Idea

What Is DMH&CO?

DMH&CO is a value network of companies managed by Singapore-based Family Office Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd. DMH&CO is composed of minority- and majority-owned joint venture partnerships, limited corporations and public companies.

DMH&CO was jointly established by the parent company’s Chairman & CEO Daniel Mark Harrison and President & COO Kathlin Liao during 2016 when they met each other via a property development company bankruptcy in which they both were invested.

After mapping out a viable solution to rescue other buyers’ lost investments who were similarly stranded with unbuilt condominiums, DMH&CO was spun off out of Mr. Harrison’s Singapore-based Family Office, leveraging Mr. Harrison’s extensive investment experience and relationships globally alongside Ms. Liao’s long experience working in intensive mediation positions for private and public entities in Hong Kong directly with the city’s most prominent commercial and political power players.


Solution Providers 

The objective both had in mind was purely to find ways to further channel private funding into real economic problems and thereby create a range of financially profitable and socially impactful solutions.

The global and wide-ranging nature of the brand reflects management’s core belief in the idea that within problematic events lie profitable solutions. Indeed, many DMH&CO companies are established at first in order to solve a particular problem and in turn, extract a commercial reward for doing so.

DMH&CO is a place where everyone who works with us is treated as part of a unified, structural whole, while at the same time being given a wide degree of personal autonomy and a wholly meritocratic position with respect to the treatment of ideas. Indeed, this egalitarian way of operating is the one of the key reasons behind the company’s accelerated growth trajectory. Simply, within a family network, there is ultimately cohesiveness and unity, and this unity can be applied in the most chaotic of markets to identify, extract and build new value solutions.


Aggressive Expansion

As the brand exists today, with multiple global operations around Asia and a European presence in the making, DMH&CO is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the disruptive forces of the current times, wherein traditionally staid industries such as banking, real estate and retail are all being shaken up and re-energized via a series of innovations and a new flood of capital delivery in the past half-decade.

At the heart of the organization is a set of principles and values which underwrite everyone of the company’s objectives and activities: that by harnessing a truly global network of capital partners, political relationships, asset structures and corporate deals, opaque value becomes easily realizable as the resultant bigger vision permits a wider scope for problem-solving and transaction execution.

DMH&CO is, like its Singapore-based parent company founder, run by top management as a Family Office, in the traditional sense of the term. Underlying the company’s phenomenal growth is the idea that employees, customers and senior management are all part of a family system within which a vibrant exchange of ideas, beliefs and knowledge is the driving agent behind solutions.