Real Estate

Property development is a core specialization of ours, and while we are agnostic about the particular areas we become involved with in terms of our various developments, deep value is a core requirement, as is the ability to generate fast free cash flows through refinancing or restructuring the development early on, if not from the outset. Via our subsidiary real estate development company, House of Harrison PLC, we have engaged in the investment in and development of multiple real estate portfolios in both Britain and South East Asia.  Our real estate development focus also involves getting involved in incomplete or distressed-stage property developments, with conflict resolution between buyers and developers being one of our core competencies. As a result of the phenomenal growth of the company during the past two years, House of Harrison is now on the way to becoming one of the world’s most recognized for generating high-quality, high-value real estate developments as a result, with an IPO for the company on the UK’s AIM currently being prepared for 2017.